Create a Legend – Indian Motorcycle x No Regrets

Daria Pirojenko

Daria Pirojenko has been tattooing since 2013. She started her career in a small southern city of Russia, where she continues to work to this day. Her tattoo style was formed gradually. She started with a simple watercolour and moved into a mix of realism and watercolour. Over time, she started adding other objects, such as comics, graffiti, and cartoon characters. Now it is a mix of many objects together, which is difficult to give any one name to her style. Her most important rule in work is to make it juicy and beautiful. The tattoo should adorn the body, and not in any way harm, so each of her designs are created specifically for each person, considering their wishes and Daria’s vision. For her, a tattoo is a way to colour people’s minds, to liberate them a little, to show the bright colours of this world. Skin is an amazing material, and every tattoo is a special story.

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