Create a Legend – Indian Motorcycle x No Regrets


Tomasz studied art education at the University of Opole, Poland and University of Silesia in Cieszyn, graduating in 2005. In 2001 he began working in Art-Line tattoo studio in Rybnik, where he stayed for the next 8 years, building his reputation and creating a brand for himself. In 2009 he opened his own tattoo studio, INK-OGNITO, which to this day is rapidly developing and expanding with more and more talented artists. An awarded artist at most of the European tattoo conventions in Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Luxembourg etc., as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong and New York. Organizer of Tattoo Experiment in 2014, the Warsaw Tattoo Convention in 2016 and 2017. Since 2010 he's been working with 3D graphics and he treats it as the basis for the creation of his original works. From 2019 his portfolio has been full of works that find their genesis in this method of design. It is an inspiration for many artists, who currently create their own projects based on 3D graphics.

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